brand creation.

Brand Creation starts with a client realising that there is a need to define, promote, inform an audience of a change. A new company launch, an established company reinvigorating itself, new products, new services and new technologies can all impact on the reason for developing that new brand. With that in mind CGH Creative look to understand this need to change, we look to understand the new vision driving this change and then once we agree with a client on the fundamental elements that define the need for the brand we look to commence the creative brand journey.

Creative concepts are developed with the ambition to meet the vision discussed in earlier client meetings. Development and finalisation stages progress to artworking of the master logo formats with testing and proofing providing reassurance along the way. It now back to the client team to engage its new an existing audiences with a focus on those touchpoints – both off line and on-line where the new brand can deliver its ambition.