Client: SpheroMatrices / Task: Identity & Branding, Website


SpheroMatrices provides a window into the structural & molecular information contained within 3D culture models utilized by pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This is an outstanding service supplied by MicroMatrices, Dundee Technopole.

MicroMatrices solve safety and efficacy problems for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries using innovative molecular visualisation/localisation technologies which add resolving power to standard methodologies.

After some consideration the management at Micromatrices decided to support the service with a new stand alone website that could be accessed directly from the existing website yet would function as a stand alone responsive website. An identity system and guidelines were created before commencing the web build. The creative concept  of the SpheroMatrice site expanded on the vision for the identity and utilised UI techniques to deliver a complex level of information in an approachable and intuitive manner.