Responsive web design is a must for SME’s

With the vast amount of devices used to access your website, responsive web design is no longer an option but a must. Responsive web design allows your website to be easily viewed, navigated and interacted with on a wide range of devices. With over half of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, not having a responsive website is more than likely costing you.

Instead of designing multiple websites for varying screen sizes and processor speeds. It is now possible to design one website that automatically adjusts itself to fill the space of the users screen. This saves development time and ensures the users get the best experience possible. No longer is it needed to treat mobile users any differently than desktop users.

To view an example of responsive web design, try resizing the width of the Fastrack Group website. You will see images resize themselves, navigational items collapsing and text blocks filling available spaces.

As things progress, responsive web design continues to become easier to develop and more usable for users. Recently the most popular responsive web design framework, Twitter Bootstrap announced a new version that adds improvements to make websites even more accessible and usable. Among some of the improvements are:

  • An improved grid system. A well designed website follows a grid system much like a newspaper or a magazine. Bootstrap in its fourth release will now better support mobile devices.
  • Improved typography with rem font sizes. Bootstrap will now drop pixel based font sizes which now allows end-users to more easily adjust the size of the text on their page.
  • Developer improvements. There have been many improvements made under the hood that now allows web developers to more easily a quickly produce a better experience for end-users.

Considering the constant development and work that has been put into responsive web design in the past few years, having a responsive website is now easier to produce and produces better outcomes than ever before. There is no longer any excuse not having a responsive website especially when considering the audience you might be losing.