Playfair House Hotel

Client: Playfair House Hotel / Task: Identity & Branding

  • Playfair House Hotel


Playfair House Hotel is an Edinburgh based hotel located just a short distance from the city centre and is in close proximity to many of Edinburgh’s tourist attractions. It’s a popular destination for short and weekend breaks and attending activities including the world famous Fringe and Winter festivals. It is contained within a historic Georgian building overlooking beautiful parkland across the street. This small hotel with a warm, welcoming atmosphere is steeped with Georgian architectural detailing.

The striking architectural features greet the visitor upon arriving at the hotel. With this in mind the creative approach explored and reflected variations of detailing across the hotel including silhouette, skylines and more interestingly the iconic Georgian semi-circular windows featuring above the doorways – one of edinburgh’s grand iconic architectural signatures. As the identity developed we explored appropriate colour systems that had empathy with the Georgian heritage 0f the building yet promoted a modern, contemporary level of quality and comfort.