North British Distillery

Client: North British Distillery Company Limited / Task: Printed Literature, Internal signage

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North British Distillery Company Limited is one of the largest Scotch Grain Whisky producers in Scotland. North British Distillery process Scotch Grain Whisky and as such the company does not market a brand of its own whisky. Significant quantities of its whisky production are included in many well-known brands including The Famous Grouse, J&B Rare, Johnnie Walker Black Label and Cutty Sark. The improved outlook for sales of Scotch Whisky overseas, in particularly in India, China and South America, continue to see increased demand for the company’s product.

The newsletter has been redesigned to communicate both business specific and employee news and initiatives to the workforce. With positive feedback from the initial redesign of the newsletter cgh creative will be working with the editorial team to further develop both the design style, photography and content elements for future issues of the newsletter.