North Capital

Client: North Capital Management Ltd / Task: Website


North Capital is an independent private investment office located in Edinburgh. NCI are specialist advisers to a small number of wealthy individuals and families across the UK and overseas. They combine high service levels,  personalised approach, global research and investment expertise. In summary NCI bring clients the benefits of both big and boutique.

As such our initial meeting revealed that their requirements were quite l understated. Yet in the process of exploring various creative approaches to the site development it became clear that the concept of endeavor and rising to a set challenge was to be a key visual driver across the key pages of the new site.

Black and white video and still imagery were utilised to create a monochromatic styling of snow covered mountain ranges with climbers working at their peak performance to overcome and succeed in challenging environments. This small scale project has a strongly emotive ambience of ambiton and the will to strive for success throughout each page.