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Enchanted Forest, Visit West Lothian

CGH Creative have enjoyed the opportunity to work on several high profile Scottish tourism projects including the creative design and production of all outdoor advertising collateral for Enchanted Forest – “Scotland’s premier sound and light visitor experience” and a Summer advertising campaign to promote ‘Visit West Lothian”.

The Visit West Lothian organisation were looking to engage with visitors attending the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Summer 2014 – as many of these visitors were commuting through the main railway stations of West Lothian. Several creative approaches were explored leading to the production of a set of large format posters with vibrant colour backgrounds, strong headline statements, fun and inclusive tourism imagery and a clear timetable of summer activity across the West Lothian area. This approach differentiated the campaign from the existing promotional posters also in place on the station platforms. The campaign was also applied to the internal train marketing zones.

The Enchanted Forest campaign appears on every viable advertising platform from basic print material upto large format 48 sheet adverting space, from simple magazine adverts through to web and social media platforms. Creativity combines with effective messaging to focus on the uniqueness of the event go to the project.