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Digital design consultancy specialising in design and communications solutions for LifeScience, Technology, Industrial, Whisky Spirit and Public Sector companies within Scotland. Over 25 years experience within the UK design industry. Branding, literature,website design, motion graphics, presentations and exhibitions...find out more

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Brand Creation
An evolving brand for morphSpace
7x 7clear Literature
Telling an amazing story
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Information structures at work
7x 7clear Web & Digital Design
Delivering the detail
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When a company achieves their goal of delivering innovative indoor and outdoor space globally for sport, entertainment and industry. When that company realises that the global audiences for their products services value their levels of design and innovation above all other requirements – then a creative solution offering high value, technical performance and creative personality can be evolved find out more 7x 7clear Combining text and images to deliver a compelling message is the key ingredient to successful communication. Printed literature can play an important element within a communications programme. Targeted audiences can initially be informed and engaged of a companies products and services – allowing on-line communications to then further interact with these audiences find out more 7x 7clear Graphic User Interface. Helping clients to incorporate clearly presented information on desktop operating systems – in this case allowing the user to activate a video conferencing environment was a challenge CGH Creative was delighted to participate in. Information structures and layout are at the very heart of GUI. Responding intuitively to hand and eye co-ordinations are challenging find out more 7x 7clear An effective on-line presence via website and enews requires a cohesive approach to those touchpoints that engage with a customer’s target audiences. New technologies offer a range of options when choosing the appropriate web solution for your company. Working effectively with a range of SME’s and indeed start ups provides the challenge of delivering a solution to budgets of all sizes find out more
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Motion -Graphics Exhibitions Advertising Packaging
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Motion Graphics
Animating your brand message
7x 7clear Exhibitions & Display Graphics
Engaging with your audience
7x 7clear Advertising
Let's stand out from the tourism crowd
7x 7clear Packaging
Helping you create doorstep appeal
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Motion graphics use video footage and/or animation technology combining with audio for use in multimedia projects. Companies with a strongly visual element within their brand components can utilise this technology to present a range of communications to their customers or target audiences. The process requires strong interaction between client and designer to start the process of “visualising” the message via a storyboard find out more 7x 7clear Whether it’s a set of display systems to promote your company or a unique opportunity to present a vision of your organisation to clients specially invited from around the globe – CGH Creative has the experience to “make it happen”. From a meeting on location to high quality 3D visualisation the creative approach can be delivered seamlessly from start to finish including complete customisation of the systems and display environment with photographic and video support find out more 7x 7clear When the Commonwealth Games attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe to travel through your community – when Visit West Lothian see a great opportunity to inspire those tourists to “spend a little time getting to know West Lothian” -– it calls for strong messaging and eye catching visuals to make the campaign work on railway platforms across the area find out more 7x 7clear Following the design & launch of the new McQueens Dairies identity it was a logical decision to upgrade the labeling system for their milk products. Pasteurised, Skimmed and Organic Milk labels soon followed with colour systems tested and new countryside landscape imagery commissioned to achieve a new and striking labeling system – lifting the whole profile of the packaging range to anew level of “doorstep appeal” find out more
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